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Built in 1901, the building that now houses D'Deli was known as the Oxford Bar. Legend has it that the infamous Alfred Packard used to wet his whistle here. Old bolt holes beneath our present day chip rack mark where the old foot rest used to be. Many notorious wild west characters rested their feet on that very bar. Eventually the saloon was busted for gambling and had to close its doors. In 1975, Government Agent Tom Lehmann opened Joyce’s subs, bringing the first sub shop into the building. Tom once had to drop a half-made sandwich to respond to a bombing at the Denver Customs House. In the year 2000, a Dutch couple, Ton and Vera Kiphardt, bought Joyce's Subs. The Dutch pronunciation of "The Deli" was "D'deli," a name that has stuck to this very day. Al Neighbors bought D'deli in 2004, and has since transformed it into the familiar Deli we all know and love today!


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"This small, friendly sandwich shop smells like its dense, just-baked breads all the time, and those baguettes are packed with unusual combinations that work"


"One of the best sandwiches in the state!... Order one of their creative creations, or build your own sandwich with an array of sauces, vegetables, and uniquely Colorado sliced meats, including buffalo and Elk!"

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"D’Deli has been serving subs on Golden’s historic main thoroughfare for decades, featuring unique combinations and meats, including corned buffalo and smoked elk."

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